Our Statement.

We began this journey with a mission in mind, and now we're out here to making a statement and impact on society.

Only wanting to release clothing with a cause behind it and providing support for those in need.

So help us, help others by supporting our brand as we grow.

We're A Misfit brand between Artist Merch, Streetwear and and comfy Casual Attire. We strive to provide high quality apparel to our customers with unconventional designs. 

Here at Misfit. The Label, Our vision is to lead the world into the next generation of fashion via the newest trends. We support & include everyone regardless of colour, age, gender or sexuality; and our unique platform has been created through extensive research into the companies that we support, and what they stand for.

We only ever want to release clothing that have a mission behind it, with the hopes to support other people in need by donating a % of Net Profits to the right organisations that we do extensive background research into.

We want to ensure that we are supporting businesses with the same vision surrounding human rights and visions.

When you purchase your products from Misfit. The Label, please note that we currently source our products from all across the globe and the production location of our apparel varies by item.


(Don't be alarmed when you see a shipping tag from a country other than Australia, that is because we have sourced out a warehouse most appropriate for that certain product. Eventually we will warehouse and ship items from Australian shores.)


Over time, we intend to be a 100% Australian Manufactured & Stocked Company! We are working on that with your help.

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So thank you for your support.

Help us grow, so we can help others on a major scale

There are many major plans to grow as a business and platform. 

Any support via social media platforms is extremely appreciated! Please always remember to tag us @misfitthelabel #misfitthelabel


With Love, 

Misfit. The Label



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