In response to the rise of COVID-19 this year and the harsh effects it has had on our Music Community (both physically & mentally!), we as a brand have decided to release our latest clothing collection; #FUKRONA to raise support for our Entertainment sector who has seemed to have slipped through the cracks, and been forgotten about during this global pandemic from government efforts. Misfit. The Label is here to change that. We want to help by giving back to the artists who are always providing our main sources of entertainment which we especially crave in these crazy times.


With the intention to raise financial support for our Artists and Music workers, we have partnered side by side with The Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief Project who are working with a growing list of organisations offering financial relief to creators around the world. 


Our mission here at Misfit. The Label is to provide 20% of all net profits gathered from our #FUKRONA collection to this cause, hoping to provide much needed support to the Music Community, who are always ready to assist when it comes to charities for other major causes without asking for anything in return. But now that the music scene has copped a major lack of support, we want to ensure that our entertainment and all workers throughout the music industry are receiving the right support! The rest of the profits will be reinvested into this business to be able to grow and offerworld class support system for Entertainers and People in need. We have many major plans to support major movements around the globe but need some funding to get off the ground and be able to support everyone properly in the near future. So Help us, Help Others.


Your valued purchase & support of our #FUKRONA Collection will be collected and distributed to your closest music organisation pending your purchase location around the world.


The Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief Project.

This project has been created to amplify the efforts of organisations (including Misfit. The Label) that focus on helping those in need. Spotify is making a dollar for dollar matching donation to our efforts up to a collective total of $10 million per donation. In our research, we have found that Spotify is one of the only major organisations who is supporting the music industry in these trying times. We praise Spotify for this initiative to help the efforts behind the cause.


It is in times like these that we should join together collectively as one, and support each other wherever possible as the world can be a testing place. So with all this being said… help us help others. 


With Love, 

Misfit. The Label 



Spotify Covid-19 Music Relief

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